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  • Our Philosophy

OrangePeople is centered around a ‘sense-and-respond’ philosophy. Our team of consultants bring tremendous hands-on experience in business strategy, architecture, and program management. Our collective experience delivering mission critical applications is consistently applied across all client engagements through our patented Business Technology Architecture© methodology.

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  • Marketing Strategy

Our deep understanding of the consumer paired with our state of the art technological abilities allow
us to create strategic marketing plans that produce positive ROI and improve CRM and user experience.

  • Architecture

With extensive expertise in consumer and enterprise architecture, we help clients create a robust technology ecosystem, built on industry best practices.

  • Technology strategy

Our Value-Driven Architecture approach enables us to maximize business value by recommending intelligent technology approaches and investments.

  • IT infrastructure

We evaluate our clients’ IT current infrastructure and recommend uplift strategies designed to provide sustained business value.

  • PMO Consulting

We build high performance leadership teams that are assembled to plug in to your organization at the portfolio, program or project management levels in order to scale and accelerate total project success.

  • Project Leadership

Our clients look to us to lead their most critical projects to successful outcomes through a synergistic approach to business strategy, architecture and project management designed to deliver maximum value.

  • PMO enablement

We collaborate with clients to plan, design and operate program management offices to enable the organization’s strategic execution capabilities.

  • Risk management

We provide services to manage the risk of our clients’ strategic efforts, including assessments, quality assurance, and project forensics.

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